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I am a California licensed Broker and Certified Public Accountnant.

Bond Realty P.O. Box 383 Burbank, CA 91503 (818) 421-2898
  • Community Events

    Founder Federation Masterclass: Marketing

    Creative Entrepreneurs Mastermind

    GET THE RIGHT CUSTOMERS · AVOID EXPENSIVE MISTAKES · CALM YOUR OVERWHELMED BRAIN The Founder Federation Masterclass is for entrepreneurs who want to build a profitable, sustainable business and stay on track to their goals.Creative...

    Deal Analyze - ONLINE

    Glendale Real Estate Investing for Beginner

    This is your chance to know behind the scenes and get the scoop on what really happens in a real estate deal. Bring your potential deals to have us review and analyze them to help you determine if its a "DEAL OR NO DEAL". Bring friends to learn...

    Streaming Analyze Deals

    Fix-Flip House Group California

    We will have a zoom meeting for this deal analyzing event. You can just sit at your home and participate. Sounds like a DEAL? Have you ever dreamed of doing your own project, but lacked the knowledge, time or resources to do it on your own? This...

  • Market at a Glance



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